Content Marketing and Execution Services

Our most comprehensive plan is best suited to mid- to large-size organizations looking for a planning partner with a team that provides content creation and distribution.

Generating leads online can be challenging, and consistently creating engaging content can be daunting.

We work with internal teams to:

  • Define content opportunities
  • Establish guidelines and standards
  • Align content creation with business objectives, sales funnels and SEO targets
  • Build detailed editorial calendars, distribution/social media plans and detailed project plans

We also work closely with you to ensure you get the internal support and buy-in required to make content marketing a success. Our seasoned content producers ensure all content is written, edited, approved and distributed on time and on brand.

List building is essential to successful email marketing.

A key part of our plans always includes suggested opt-in programs to build your mailing list, as well as detailed email marketing plans.

Creating a team will help you succeed.

We are a perfect partner for you if you are new to content marketing or if you are currently struggling to consistently create content due to lack of internal resources or know-how. We can work with your current content management systems, email marketing tool and established analytics or we can recommend platforms suited to your needs. These types of engagements are usually one year. In addition to the up-front, one-on-one planning sessions, they include bi-weekly check-ins and review of analytics. The objective of these ongoing meetings is to ensure that we are adapting and improving our efforts based on real metrics.

We will provide:

  1. Content audit
  2. Audit of competition’s online activities
  3. Ideal client needs overview
  4. Content, image and social media guidelines
  5. Editorial calendar
  6. Social media distribution plan
  7. Quarterly opt-in program
  8. Email marketing plan
  9. Project plan
  10. Biweekly status review
  11. Copywriting, copy editing, web updates and social media distribution
    1. Writing blog posts
    2. Editing blog posts
    3. Managing approval process
    4. Selecting and uploading images for each post
    5. Uploading content into CMS
    6. Writing social media content
    7. Writing and editing newsletters

If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.

– Yogi Berra

Benefits of working with Ella Says for content marketing and execution:

Clients with plans feel more in control of their content marketing and they are more likely to get internal support and budget commitments. Websites with blogs generate 55% more traffic than sites without, and on average companies with blogs generate 67% more leads per month. Customer behaviour is influenced by great content – 60% of people are inspired to seek out a product or service after reading about it.

 Ella Says is the perfect partner for you and your team if:

  • You are committed to achieving content marketing success.
  • You understand that you need to make a long-term commitment to get the results you are after.
  • You are eager and willing to learn new things and to change and modify as you go.
  • You are looking to make a blog a key element of your organization’s marketing efforts.
  • You can commit time to being part of the process.
  • You are comfortable working with third-party suppliers.

 This is not for you and your team if:

  • Your organization doesn’t believe in the benefits of content marketing.
  • Your organization is looking for quick, short-term results.
  • Your organization  has no interest in blogging.
  • You are not willing to learn and try new things.
  • You are rigid and not comfortable with change.
  • You can’t commit to deadlines.


Costs are defined for each engagement. Planning starts at $9,999 per year, and we recommend a minimum of $900 per month for copy editing/writing. Monthly billing is available.

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